New Insights DWI Services & Counseling Center, Inc., Jacksonville, North Carolina   (910) 324-4887 (Across  from Camp Johnson)

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Services and Programs


New Insights DWI Services & Counseling Center, Jacksonville, NC  is providing DWI Assessement  and Substance Abuse Treatment for the  Jacksonville, NC, Richlands, NC, and the surrounding cities of Duplin and  Jones County.  We provide quality substance abuse services for individuals with substance abuse issues and those convicted of Driving While Impaired (DWI) offenders.


  • DWI Treatment
  • DWI Assessment for DWI Offenders
  • DMV Evaluations
  • Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Out of State Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Out of State Reviews
  •  Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Short-Term Outpatient Treatment
  • Long-Term Outpatient Treatment
  • ADETS (Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School)
  • Clinical Supervision
  •  We are a private facility organized to assist individuals in learning and promoting growth experiences, which are designed to assist the individual in regaining health and achieving personal objectives. 

































    1. DWI Services Provided

     The level of treatment that this facility provides is Level I, Level II and Level III


    Level I

    Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) will be provided for the population of first time DWI offenders that do not meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse, did not refuse to blow, and have a recorded BAC of .14 or less.  Alcohol and Drug Education and Traffic School (ADETS) will be 16 hours of alcohol and drug education classes. 

    Level II

    For offenders who refused to blow, blew over .14, met criteria for substance abuse, or previously completed ADETS will receive Short-Term Outpatient Treatment.  Short-Term Outpatient Treatment will consist of 20-39 hours.  This must take place over a minimum of 30 days, per DMV requirements. 



     Level III

    For offenders that meet diagnostic criteria for substance dependence, have three alcohol/drug related arrests, or previously completed Short-Term Outpatient Treatment will receive Longer -Term Outpatient Treatment.  (Longer-Term Outpatient Treatment) will consist of 40-89 hours of treatment which must take place over a minimum of 60 days, per DMV requirements.  


    *New Insights DWI Services & Counseling Center does not provide Intensive Outpatient Treatment or Inpatient treatment, however, we can make appropriate referrals and will provide you with a list of local and state providers.



    We use Motivational Interviewing to encourage the client to resolve their ambivalence (i.e., conflict) about changing their behavior, while not evoking resistance (e.g., get confrontational, blame, label). 


    Motivational Techniques can help people change by recognizing their high risk behavior (e.g., personalized feedback; pie chart--- where do I fit in?).  This aids us in evaluating how their current behavior relates to other issues in their life (e.g., Decisional Balance exercise, personalized goal evaluation). 


    This progressive method looks at ways to begin the process of changing (e.g., identify client’s strengths; develop action plans).  Therapist will be utilizing open ended questions and reflecting listen skill to help the client explore their situation. 

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