New Insights DWI Services & Counseling Center, Inc., Jacksonville, North Carolina   (910) 324-4887 (Across  from Camp Johnson)

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New Insights DWI Services & Counseling Center, Jacksonville, North Carolina is providing quality DWI Assessment and Substance Abuse Treatment services for those individuals with substance abuse issues and those convicted of Driving While Impaired (DWI) offenses, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and Under Age Drinking charges.  We are glad to serve the Onslow, Duplin and Jones Counties.

      Out of State Reviews- Please request a packet.

   DWI Services Provided  In North Carolina  
 The level of treatment that this facility provides is Level I, Level II and Level III.

    NC Licensed Independent Practitioner
  On Board for Substance Abuse needs

New Insights DWI Service & Counseling Center  provides DWI assessments for our English speaking clients.   They will be treated with respect, and dignity.   Under no circumstances shall eligible clients be denied services.


         Ohio  Driver Intervention Program

Our DIP is a 48/72-hour residential program certified by the State of Ohio. The program is offered as an alternative to incarceration for persons arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse. The purpose of our program is to provide intervention services mandated by the legal system for Ohio DUI|OVI offenders.


        Our Mission Statement

 Our mission is to extend respect for human life and the dignity of each person. We strive always to provide care that is compassionate and professional to all those we serve.  We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and excellence.  We have North Carolina certified counselors who serve those in our care. You matter to us!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”           




     (North Carolina Locations)    

We have two locations:
In Jacksonville (by Appointment Only):
1007 Hargett St., Suite 3
Jacksonville, NC 28540

(910) 324-4887

In Richlands:
100 N. Wilmington Street (rear entrance)

Richlands, NC 28574

      (Ohio  Locations)

Canton OH:
1221 Harrisburg NE                           Canton, OH 44705                   
(330) 371-2148

In West Chester Township OH:
8567 Cincinnati Dayton Rd
West Chester Township, OH 45069
(513) 237-0897

               Anger Management


   Certified Anger Management Specialist

  •   Dealing with  Stress                             

How stress underlies anger. Physical, medical, mental and behavioral effects of stress. 

  •  Developing Empathy      

 How to teach participants ways to increase or improve empathic responses to others.

  •  Respond instead of React                

 How to present concept of difference between "reacting" and "responding" to anger/stress triggers.

  •   Change Self-Talk                                

Concept of how self-talk (cognitions) influence emotions.  How to think like an optimist. 

  •  Assertive Communication

Harmful communication styles. How to be an assertive communicator. Strategies to handle and resolve interpersonal conflict.                

  •  Adjust  Expectations

Five steps to adjust expectations in relationships and in the workplace. 

  •  Forgiveness

Seven steps to forgiveness.

  •  Retreat and Think Things Over

Learning to "stay in the box." (of anger control).  The freeze-frame technique for self-soothing. Changing self-talk during the "retreat" period.

Seeing Court Ordered and DSS/CPS Clients

We are a private non for profit facility organized to assist individuals in learning and promoting growth experiences, which are designed to assist the individual in regaining health and achieving personal objectives.   

If you have been ordered to complete counseling, we encourage you to contact us for an appointment.  While your time with us may be mandatory, we know you'll feel a sense of renewed hope.  This is an  opportunity for you to start over and change your bad decisions into an exciting future.







In the event of an EMERGENCY, call 911, Brynn Marr Helpline (910) 577-1900 or Onslow Memorial Hospital Emergency Room (910) 577-2345.




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